Why you should always ask your customer service agency for a free trial

Many customer service agencies don’t offer free trials. Here we tackle the reasons they give and explain why you should always insist on a free trial.
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We all like to try something out before we buy it, don’t we? Whether it’s test-driving a new car, trying out a new TV streaming service, or using a demo of a new software tool.

So why aren’t free trials for customer service agencies so common?

Choosing the right agency is one of the most critical decisions you can make for your eCommerce business. Their staff will be representing your brand. In fact, they will often be the only interaction your customers have with your brand. So why would you sign up for a contract without being sure that they will deliver the service that you and your customers expect?

There are a few common reasons customer service agencies give to try to argue that free trials aren’t necessary or even feasible.

1. “Look at all these great reviews from existing customers. These show how good we are.”

The fact is, every company has great reviews on its website. But what about the negative reviews? They don’t tend to show those off so much.

Customer service agencies might even invite you to talk directly to some of their happy customers – “Don’t just take our word for it.” But these could well be carefully chosen companies who their very best staff are working with.

Also, as those companies are already in an ongoing contract with the agency they have a vested interest in not saying anything that may damage the relationship.

On top of that, those happy customers are not you. Every business has different cultures, goals, standards, and expectations. It’s important to understand the skills of the agents that would be assigned to you and know whether you will always have the same dedicated agents or be reliant on unpredictable shared teams.

2.“It takes much longer than a short trial for us to learn everything about your business and show that we can meet your goals.”

Yes, you shouldn’t expect to achieve all your goals and answer every question during a free trial. But it will give you a feel for the agency’s approach to customer service – the team you’ll be working with and their capacity, responsiveness, and attention to detail. And, perhaps most importantly, how adaptable they are to new processes.

At Dream Support, we aim to become part of your team, speaking to your customers just like you would from day one. We understand that as your business grows you’ll want to make changes to how customer service is handled. And we’ll work with you on that – sharing our insights gained over time from communicating with your customers.

3.“It’s not the same as providing a time-limited trial of a software tool. We have to invest time and money in training agents to handle your queries.”

So they want you to take on all the risk? Searching for and deciding on the best agency to use takes up time and resources at your end. If you have to cancel the contract because they’re not performing then not only will you have paid for a sub-par service but you’ll also have to then spend more time and money finding a replacement.

A customer service agency should understand your concerns and be willing to invest in your future relationship without immediately locking you into a contract. At Dream Support, we trust in our abilities and know that a free trial is the perfect first step towards building a lasting connection. We want to show you how we work up front, so you can see exactly what we can do for your business and customers.

Personalized customer service

There are some products and services that are one-size-fits-all, but customer service isn’t one of them. Just because an agency charges top rates and has a five-star reputation doesn’t mean it will deliver the service you need.

At Dream Support, we take the time to understand your business and your customers. We know the importance of adapting to each and every company so that when we work with you, your customers see us as part of your team, not as an outsourced entity.

That’s why we always offer a free trial at the start of your contract. We want you to have confidence that you’re choosing the right agency, and that we’ll be with you for the long haul.

We’ll begin with a discovery call to ensure that we’re the right fit for each other (and we’ll be honest if we think we’re not). After analyzing your existing customer requests we’ll create clear guidelines for how we would handle each question. We’ll arrange a practice run before we start talking to your customers and once you’re happy we’ll start your free trial.

Get in touch today and let us help you take your customer service to the next level.

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