10 of the most common reasons for bringing Dream Support on board

Whilst clients work with us in all kinds of ways, here are the most common use cases.
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Your workload is growing
So your business is doing well – brilliant! But that also means a growing influx of pre-sales questions, shipping addresses or tracking links that need updating, replacement requests, and 1,001 other customer queries. You need high-quality support to keep those customers on side and avoid any backlogs or delays.

You want to improve your response time
Receiving a prompt reply is one of the essential elements of a meaningful customer relationship. Expanding your customer service team and improving your response time is the ideal way to show your customers just how much you care.

You want to expand your coverage
Thinking about adding weekend customer service coverage, or simply extending your office hours? Customers will be delighted by around-the-clock availability – especially if you ship internationally.

You are handling support requests all by yourself
It’s not uncommon for business owners to start here, and whilst it means your customers are getting a top-drawer service, it takes you away from all the things you love doing.

Delegating can feel difficult, but with eCommerce specialists taking the lead on your customer service, and looking after hiring, onboarding, mentoring, and quality assurance for your agents, you’ll have so much more time to focus on growing your business.

You want to increase customer satisfaction
Whilst there’s no silver bullet for customer satisfaction, we’re pros at setting up a clear process for measuring experiences, identifying any sources of dissatisfaction, and implementing change that grows happiness and builds loyalty.

Someone on the team got promoted or left the company
Change is never easy, but it can be a great moment to reflect and reconsider your company structure. Working with Dream Support is much like hiring a remote member of staff, supported by our extensive eCommerce experience; painless onboarding, scaling, and integration; and our mentorship and quality assurance programmes.

You are ready for a more holistic, strategic customer service approach
Need a hand connecting the dots, optimising your current processes, or building new ones from scratch? We can carefully study and structure your existing workflows to suggest improvements, creating a detailed scope of work that leads to tangible results.

We’ll also make sure everything is documented, so it's easy to use company-wide.

You want to take advantage of customer service insights
Customer service is a gold mine for insights: you can uncover your customers’ wants, likes, and impressions of your brand. Let us track returns and refund volumes, support request trends, product suggestions, and any other detailed feedback your customers can provide.

You’re taking on more channels and tasks
Need a hand with live chat, to update your knowledge base, or with social media comments and online reviews? Or do you wish you could reach out to customers to make sure everything went perfectly?

Your designated Dream Support agent can take care of all of it, working closely with your fulfilment, social media management, PR, and marketing teams to keep your communication crystal clear.

Your business is new, or you’re launching a new product
When building a new business, customer service might not be the first thing you think of. We’re specialists at building tailor-made customer service processes that work from the word go – so you can make sure your customers will spread the word from the very beginning.

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