Designated Support Agents, Not Shared Teams

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“We’ve found that exceptional customer service is best delivered by a person.”

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Veronica Berg, CEO

Designated, full-time agents can truly get to know your business, and learn to speak in your unique tone of voice. They provide personalised experiences that get customers coming back time and again.

We’re proud to have built a team of passionate agents and eCommerce specialists who are determined to help support your business as it grows and flexes.

With our eCommerce-specific experience, you can be sure you’re getting highly skilled agents who have an in-depth knowledge of your processes and needs.

Right now, we’re spending over 1,000 hours per week handling pre-sales product questions, orders, returns, and refunds.

We help you scale high-quality customer service, painlessly.

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We’re proud to support eCommerce customers for over 5,000 hours per month, with a 92% customer satisfaction rate.

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