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Meet Our Proven Process

We’re here to make your life easier. So whether that means integrating seamlessly into your existing processes, or helping you build brand-new ones, we’ve got you.

With our full-time, designated customer support agents and experienced eCommerce managers you get committed individuals who quickly become a part of your team.

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Hey guys, give a warm welcome to the Dream Support team! 🤗

This is how we go about it:


We start off with a discovery call, in which we get to grips with your customer service needs and goals, and how to achieve them. If we’re a great fit we’ll get started with your free trial! Here we take a detailed look at your existing support requests, analysing and categorising them to catch trends and identify the most commonly raised questions.

By looking through your past interactions we can be sure of embodying your existing tone of voice and reinforcing your brand perception.

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Creating clear guidelines

Your Dream Support team will create and update support guidelines, based on the insights gained in the research phase. These capture how we’ll handle your customers’ questions: we’ll detail every question type and how to deal with specific cases. We’ll also create a scope of work that describes our tasks and goals, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

A practice run – and launch

Before we talk to your customers, we’ll arrange a practice run with you. Over a couple of days our agent prepares draft replies to common requests for your approval; once approved, they’ll start handling your requests in real time. We’ll give you a free week of full-time customer support, so that you can see for yourself just how much of a difference we can make.

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Providing data and insights

Happy to continue? That’s great! Sign a rolling contract and as well as taking care of your support tasks we’ll prepare monthly, interactive reports: with all your key metrics for tracking, such as question types and frequency, cancellations, refunds, returns, replacements, and other meaningful data. Plus, we can help implement new ideas you’d like to try, such as reaching out proactively to potential customers and influencers.

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