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Case study: The Wrap Life

Meet The Wrap Life, the Brooklyn-based brand behind these incredible headwraps.

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Jan 30, 2022

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It started with a vision…

As a founder-led eCommerce business, The Wrap Life started with a bold idea. That you could create beautiful hair accessories that inspire wearers to define their own styles, and to embrace their self-identity.

As founder Nnenna Stella puts it, “if The Wrap Life can support our customers in growth and self-expression by solving the little things, that’s a major contribution to their lives.”

…that became a reality.

With a growing customer base and range of products, The Wrap Life is going from strength to strength.

When we first met, the TWL team was already proud to offer their customers a high quality, personal service, but they didn’t want to stop there. With scaling on the horizon and a commitment to continuously improving every part of their customers’ experience, they were determined not to rest on their laurels.

And this is where Dream Support came in.

And now our partnership…

As part of the research stage, our designated agents got to know The Wrap Life’s customers and connected with their community. After going through our free onboarding process, we partnered in August 2020 to take care of emails, reviews, returns, and refunds – all in their distinctive tone of voice. 

Plus, we’re helping find ways of optimizing their workflow, enhancing processes, and creating a more convenient experience for everyone along the way.

…has them living the dream.

The Wrap Life’s designated Dream Support agents communicate directly with their customers to address issues and queries quickly and efficiently. That means they’re ideally placed to spot recurring issues, fast – so that the TWL team can implement any changes needed to improve the service and keep customers onside.

Together, we collate customer feedback, reviews, and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) survey scores, to make sure we’re always listening, and develop better responses to regular customer queries. There’s also a clear escalation process so that issues that can’t be sorted by a default process receive a personalized resolution.

That means their community feels listened to, cared for, and engaged. And we’re proud to support the growth and development of the business.

The key facts:

  • A founder-led hair accessories business based in New York.
  • 2 designated support agents.
  • Emails, reviews, returns, and refunds taken care of.
  • A clear escalation process.
  • Partners since 2020.

Larissa Marthe Jeanniton,

Operations at The Wrap Life

‍“Working with Dream Support has actually been, you guessed it – a dream. We started working with them the first summer of the pandemic when our eCommerce business was taking off. This meant more day-to-day operations had to be managed along with an influx of support tickets. I was swamped. Dream Support came in, worked with me directly to create an SOP specific to our brand, and have been evolving with us ever since. They are flexible, organized, very responsive and a pleasure to work with. Now if they could only make a Dream Support team for all other aspects of running a business, that would be amazing.”

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