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Exceptional Customer Experiences, Built On Human Connection

Here’s why.

Our origins – in AI

A false start

Like many others, we started out in AI. Building a tool that could handle the majority of customer requests – even 90% of support messages.
Because that was the future, right?

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AI didn’t cut it

That brought us here

But automation simply couldn’t deliver anywhere near the same quality of experience as a human.

Even today, AI's resolution rates and level of personalization just don't stack up.

Most of your customers will only try and communicate with your brand once. So the ~70% accuracy offered by AI tools isn’t good enough.

Meet Dream Support

To human-led customer service

Now, we lead with human connection. That means full-time agents dedicated to your business (you won’t find shared teams here), product and brand studies, seamless integration with your operations, and business development insights.

We use automation and optimisation to complement our agents’ efforts, not replace them. Our focus is on exceptional customer service, and happy business owners.

Your brand is not the same as anyone else’s. So why would your customer service be?

We are all here for you!

98% of those who start working with us, stay working with us.

Our values

A support mindset

We treat each other as well as we treat your customers.

We stand by your side, so that when you want someone to turn to, we’re right where you need us. Offering solutions, not problems.


Every day we work harder to make people happy – agents, clients, and your customers. We provide extensive training and support our staff with a healthy work environment, on-hand assistance, and all the working benefits you’d expect from a modern business.


We aren’t show-offs, and we make it as easy as possible to work with us. That means no jargon, simple and clear explanations, painless onboarding, using your existing tools, and a clear and fair pricing model. We aim to simplify and clarify everything we do.


In customer service, you can’t just wait for things to happen. We’ll think several steps ahead, flagging errors and going further to give your customers everything they need.

Honesty & transparency

Good communication requires clarity, and we’re as open, straightforward, and honest as possible about what we’re doing and why. Our clients can see everything we’re up to, from guidelines to templates to all sent replies – so feel free to ask any questions about how things work. We’d love to go through it with you.

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